Big and small updates

-I've got both a big and small update right now.

-No new articles, reviews or anything of the like has been posted, with the exception of this front page update. I've been very busy the past few days with work, so I haven't gotten a chance to write anything new. Oh, but I promise that soon, in Rambings, I'm going to have the ultimate rambling: my Michael Jordan first retirement consipiricy theory piece. I've seen this thing briefly mentioned by other columnists, but I was talking about this back in 1996, and I've fleshed most of it out. I don't think any of it's actually true, but it's a fun read -- or it will be.

-So what's the big update then? Well, if you were paying attention, Tuesday was Steve Jobs's MacWorld Expo Keynote presentation. In addtion to Final Cut Express, iLife, Keynote and the new PowerBooks, he introduced the public beta of Safari. Safari is the new web browser made by Apple, and it looks beautiful and runs fast. One problem was that this site didn't render correctly, thanks to some sloppy coding by yours truly.

-I fixed the coding and now both this site and look fine in Safari, as well as Netscape, Mozilla and Chimera. So that's the big thing.

-The other big thing is that I'm going to Towson this weekend to visit my friends. It should be fun. I haven't seen Jen, Jess, Saul and Eric since early September, so it'll be nice to catch up with them.

-Peace out and adios por ahora.