New site debut!

I debuted a new web site (finally!). I started work on "" way, way back in July of 1999, and yet, it didn't really take off until September of 2001.

-OK, maybe "take off" isn't the right term. I started a site design that turned into my first incarnation of my résumé CD. Then, I started a new site design that I wanted to become this site, but it ended up being a redesign of my résumé CD.

-Then, school got in the way, then my job search, then my job. So, I just told myself, "self..."

-Actually, I don't have conversations with myself. That would be weird. I just decided I needed to sit down and do this. Sure, there's a lot of stuff that isn't here yet (like basically every weekly feature, and most of the stuff I want up), but there's a framework, and that's a start.

-For now, check out "SportsBytes" for some sports commentary, and my movies section, for a review of "Analyze That" and, of course, my DVD collection.