"Analyze That" Review

Yeah, great headline, right?

Well, I can assure you that the movie itself was much better than my feeble headline writing effort.

Sequels aren't necessarily great ideas, but with the way "Analyze This" ended, it was actully well set up for an interesting follow-up. The story for "Analyze That" is well written, featuring just enough of the mob boss-in-therapy conceit that made the original -- and the unrelated "Sopranos" television series -- so successful.

The star of the movie isn't Billy Crystal or Robert DeNiro, but instead the comedic relationship between the two. DeNiro is extremely funny, more so than in the first movie, mostly because he doesn't press. Ignore the trailer, which has DeNiro's Paul Vitti singing showtunes and drooling like a mental patient. The real comedy comes when DeNiro is simply acting like a mobster and trying to keep Crystal's Ben Sobol from going insane, no pun intended.

The movie does drag in the story category when it focuses on the fish out of water aspects of both main characters lives, whether it's Vitti trying to go straight or Sobol assisting in a mob scheme. These scenes are easily offset by the strong plot points, the main one being Vitti trying to get back into his old life without Sobol or the FBI finding out.

If you're a Lisa Kudrow fan, don't bother seeing the movie. She's in this one even less than she was in the first one, and she basically serves no purpose, other than to nag Ben about the fact that Vitti is dangerous, which we as the audience already know. In fact, her part could have been more of a drag on the film, had she not been in it so infrequently.

Overall, "Analyze That," probably isn't going to surpass the original in anyone's mind, but it isn't going to tarnish it either.

My rating: 3.5/5