2Pac Has Seen "Better Dayz" than This One

When 2Pac died, and his mother gained control of his estate and his unreleased music, Afeni Shakur said she wouldn't allow the songs from 2Pac's violent Makaveli days to ever see the light of day.

Then the number of pre-Makaveli songs dwindled and principles were put aside in exchange for money, resulting in the release of two double albums from 2Pac's Death Row recording sessions.

The only problem is that many of these songs shouldn't have seen the light of day -- not because they were too violent and hate-filled, but because they weren't very good.

Well, actually, the lyrics are good, just not great. Some songs are outstanding lyrically, such as "When We Ride on Our Enemies" and "Ghetto Star," but these have long been out in the world in bootleg form, and in most cases, the bootleg production surpasses the beat selection on this "studio" album.

Additionaly, one song is so jarring that it ruins the entire first disc. For fans who know 2Pac's Makaveli era, hearing Nas on the acoustic version of Thugz Mansion makes no sense. Two songs on the "7 Day Theory" album make specific disses at Nas, as do multiple unreleased tracks. Adding on a verse by the Queens rapper is disrespectful to 2Pac's memory, and actually only serves to show how far Nas lags behind 2Pac when the late rapper was at his best.

Really, what it comes down to is that two double-albums of Makaveli material was too much. One double album, with the best songs off this collection and the previous "Until the End of Time" would have been more than enough. And more than Afeni Shakur ever said she'd allow.