MIB II Review

"Men In Black II" comes out five years after the original, and brings us back the same familiar characters from the first installment.

We learn early in the movie that Agent J (Will Smith) has a "problem" with neuralizing his partners and hasn't settled on one since Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) left MIB at the end of the first movie.

Through a crazy set of circumstances, J must go to Massachusetts to get K and "deneuralize" him to restore his memory and once again save the world.

There, that's the plot. Not much to it, right? Well, that's why the movie is only 82 minutes! 82 freakin' minutes! Hell, the season opener of "Charmed" (commercials edited out) was longer than that! The simple fact is that this movie was fun, and there are some great gags (the deneuralizer on eBay, Frank the pug singing "Who Let the Dogs Out") but it just goes by way too fast.

There's a tacked on love sub-plot with Smith and Rosario Dawson, but it never goes anywhere, and barely adds to the main plot. As for other secondary cast members, Johnny Knoxville is so annoying that you want to punch him every time he shows up on screen. He ranks up there as one of the most annoying movie characters I've ever seen. Oh, and David Cross shows up as a minor character again, though a completely different one from the first movie, which confused me for a couple minutes. I couldn't figure out if he was the same person or not (even though it was pretty obvious that he was killed in the first movie).

But, that all said, when it comes down it it, I enjoyed this movie, sort of. My expectations weren't too high, but probably a little higher than the results. The shortness of the movie takes away from the good parts -- such as the special effects, which were amazing, and the comedic acting of Will Smith -- but it also reduces the pain of the bad parts -- i.e. the crappy love story.

My score:
7 out of 10.